30 Days of Me: Day 7

A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

I’m having a bit of hard time thinking of something or someone. My parents have a big impact but that’s kind of predictable, IMO. So I went with babies. Since I want to be a baby catcher I figured it was appropriate. Babies really do have an impact on me though. Anytime I’m in a foul mood all I have to do is hear a baby’s laugh or see an adorable baby in the store and my mood improves. Something about them warms my heart. I was excited to see my nephew at Christmas. He’s only a month and a half old and SO precious. He sleeps mostly and he even fell asleep while I was feeding him once, lol. Babies have it easy don’t they? It’s funny how curious he is already though. He gets fussy when he’s laying down too long or when you hold him horizontally he’ll start trying to lift his head. His mother said he’s most content when propped up on a pillow so he can see the world. He definitely belongs in this family. =)

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