30 Day Challenge: Day 9

~*Day 09 –  Something you’re proud of from the past few days.*~

Something just happened today that I can be proud of. So when I get cranky/irritated/pissed off – I take it out on Hurricane and that’s not always fair. I know it’s not the “adult” thing to do and it doesn’t really stop me from acting out. When I get this way, I have a tendency to take something insignificant and make it a really big deal. I did that today and then realized I was being a major bitch so I apologized. I’m proud that I apologized and explained why I was acting out. Plus, the turnaround time was pretty quick. We were texting and almost as soon as I sent the mean text, I turned around and sent the apology. I’m not proud of how I act when I don’t get my way or am in a bad mood. I am working on that though. Baby steps. =)


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30 Days of Me: Day 4

~*Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have*~

I actually have a few habits I wish I didn’t have. I do this weird thing with my lips. I purse them then make air kind of squeeze out of them. It’s weird. I used to do it years ago, quit, and have recently started up again.

I also wish I didn’t talk and move around in my sleep. Poor Hurricane gets beat up by me when we’re sleeping at night. Apparently I’ll hold conversations too and I’m not always aware of it. I’ve woken up to hear myself talking but lately I haven’t. The other night we went to sleep with the tv on. Hurricane told me I started talking when the tv went off. That must be a sign. When I was younger I couldn’t fall asleep unless the tv was on. That would be nice if I didn’t have an electric bill to worry about, lol.

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