Dear Mama…Don’t You Know I Love You Sweet Babyyyyy

This weekend was a pretty lazy one for me. I didn’t do much of anything. I did get some shopping in! Some of the things I bought for myself and a large majority, Hurricane bought. It’s nice to be spoiled sometimes. =)

I definitely broke my “No Spend January” challenge. I was only 5 days away! See what had happened was…I went into Rue 21 with Hurricane’s younger cousin and I just sort of lost my mind. I did try to talk myself out of the purchases and it definitely didn’t work. I saw the clearance section for jewelry and I couldn’t help myself. I’d not really shopped here before since their clothes are for itty bitty girls/guys. However, like the plus-sized bloggers advise: don’t pay attention to the size on the label. There was a cute shirt that looked like it would fit and I refrained from buying it since I wasn’t in love.  Sad that I could refrain from clothes easier than I could jewelry. I do love the jewelry Rue 21 sells and I’ve been trying to increase my collection! So I just said “Fuck it” and bought what I wanted. I did put one necklace back (because I picked up a pair of cute shoes for $10!! >.<).  In all: I bought a cute little bow ring ($3), a long pearlescent necklace ($9), a pair of black heels with ruffles on the back heel ($10), a pair of earrings – long gold dangly ones ($4). I didn’t go too crazy! Oh and I bought a pack of slim headbands. I need more of those in my life. That was about $4. Rue 21 reminds me of Forever 21 in that they have similar prices for their jewelry. The jewelry is adorable and I think it holds up pretty well for the price!

Saturday, Hurricane got an elaborate tattoo of her mom’s face on her calf. The thing took about 4 hours to complete and I was pretty impressed with the result. The only part I dislike are her teeth. The tattoo makes them look all scraggly when they’re not. Hopefully once the tattoo settles down, it will look better.

















Sunday, Hurricane took me shopping. Saturday she was driving around town and saw signs for the closing of our local Avenue. When she told me this I became excited since I had a chance to take advantage of some major *hopefully* deals. So we get to the store and they definitely aren’t closing. They’re just having a huge clearance sale. Still great in my book! I’d been wanting to buy some Avenue tights after hearing rave reviews about them so I was happy to be able to buy some. I got 2 pairs of jeans (2 for $40), and 2 shirts for about $8 total, bracelet, 2 necklaces and a pair of Cloud Walker shoes for $15. The style is a bit older than I would normally choose but I really thought they were cute! And what’s funny is Hurricane liked them too (she doesn’t always like my style). Love the color – they’re a maroonish color. Considering the original prices, I did pretty well! Of course, I was spending Hurricane’s money but I was glad to save her some money! Lol. That’s not something I’ll do very often. In fact, I think this is the most I’ve let her spend on me when it comes to clothes and all that. I just feel weird letting someone else buy me clothes/jewelry, etc because it’s not a necessity. Now, if it’s my mother or sister – that’s a whole different story, lol. Hurricane was happy to do this though so I tried to get over my feelings and just enjoy the fact that I have someone who wanted to spoil me in that moment. =)

So yesterday I wore this purple sweater I bought in FL while on vacation; it’s from Marshall’s. It wasn’t a planned purchase; we were going out that night and I wanted something comfy and warm (since it was chilly at the time – stupid FL). I picked this out an although I like the shirt – I didn’t feel too comfortable in it at the club. I was hot and it just seemed too much for the club. Ah well! The shoes were pretty comfortable and I was worried they would hurt horribly by the end of the day. The only part that did hurt was the side of my pinky toes. A little moleskin fixed that problem right away. =)

Fit Tailz

Top (came w/ belt): Marshall’s

Pants: Target

Shoes: Cloud Walkers via Avenue

Bracelet: Avenue

Ring: Jewelry sale @ work

Hair clip: Target??? Or Claire’s?? It was FOREVER ago… *shrug*


I know this isn’t a great picture. I was sleepy as fuck and it’s coming out in the picture.  Annnd I always do this weird thing with my feet when I take pictures – I bend them out to the side. Of course this means you can’t see the heel very well…

Anywho – wish I had more to report but I really don’t. There are some ideas I have for posts so I’ll have to see if those come to fruition. Hopefully my lazy self will write something up! I want to post some of my poems but I’m wary of doing that since they’re not copyrighted. Not like I could make money off them but if someone else steals them and gets rich – I’ll be one pissed bitch. I’m jus sayin… A few more pictures are below. I tried to get a good picture of the shoes on my feet. The color is better in person; this picture doesn’t cut it!

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