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First post! Let’s see how long I’ll remain committed to this blog, eh?

Well I can start this off by posting about my newest nephew! He was born yesterday and he’s so adorable; looks just like his older brother. It seemed like The Enforcer was waiting to drop him for at least a month. I don’t think her labor lasted that long, possibly about 5 or so hours? This isn’t her first child though and I hear after the first one the labor time decreases. I can’t wait to see him for Christmas! I miss my other boys too. I haven’t seen them in awhile so it will be sort of amazing to see how much they’ve grown. I think BamBam is even talking now. Crazy.

I’m excited to visit home for the holidays. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to this home for Christmas and I know it will be nice. We will have a lot of the family there this year. I will have to visit the other home when I can. It’s hard trying to travel between homes with a limited budget. I’m not even sure if we are going to drive my car. Hurricane wants to rent a car so we’ll see. That will cost us more money but perhaps it’s better than putting more miles on my car. I’m nervous about introducing her to (one half) the parents. I know the trip will be ok overall. I guess I just want her to be as interactive as I tend to be. We are all different though and I need to accept those differences. We’re such a talkative family that she’ll probably just do a lot of listening. I know we’ll hear stories from my mom’s childhood and how much trouble she got into with her siblings. Those stories are hours worth of entertainment.

Hurricane has come out of her shell more and I love seeing that. Over the weekend she took a step farther in initiating conversation and being interactive. It wasn’t very much but the little gesture showed she was comfortable around StarFish and Militant One. She and Militant One aren’t buddies and they will probably never be. I understand that though and all I ask for is civility, lol. I think she’ll do fine over the holidays. I just need to make sure she’s not too worked up about traveling such a long distance. She refuses to fly and the highway can be frightening for her. I just need to drug her. Ha..juuust kidding… o.O

I’ve registered for the GRE (FINALLY) and am set to take it next month. I’m worried about how well I’ll do since last year I didn’t do so well. I scored better on the Analytical Writing section than I thought. I scored horribly on the math and I wasn’t surprised. I’ve started studying a little bit so I need to keep it up. I have everything else in for the Leaf Nursing School and am relieved I don’t have to worry about that also. Last year I was stressed because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to garner enough recommendation letters. Everything worked out though so hopefully the same will happen this year. I have some connections this year that I didn’t last year so maybe that will help too? I dunno. There’s a multitude of factors going into the decision and I wish GRE scores wasn’t one of those, lol. It’s very competitive and I worry constantly that I won’t get accepted. I believe I’m smart and talented yet there will be other applicants with more experience than me or have stronger scores. How do I measure up to that?

Ignorance really is bliss sometimes. When applying to my undergrad school, I had no idea it was the best university in the state. If you attended this school you were highly regarded. I remember the looks I would get (and still do) when I told people where I attended college. Some people even seemed to have a twinkle of proudness in their eye. I am exaggerating, lol. My point is this: although I was nervous about being accepted into a good school, not knowing how great that college was helped keep me calmer than I would have been. I was excited when I was accepted but I didn’t quite know how excited I should have been. I believe everything happens for a reason though (not to say I won’t study for this test – I’m not that crazy) so if the plan is to not attend the Leaf School just yet, so be it. That’s not the only school in the nation; although it’s the only one I’d want to attend. I don’t want to move! I think I’m getting ahead of myself now…

Bottom line: I’m stressed. >.<  This is why I need those babies in my life. Babies make me smile and calm me down. I’m very much Stitch. The scene where Stitch is worked up and Lilo puts a lei around his neck to calm him down is what I thought about just then. I need something equally soothing – a baby fix.

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