30 Day Challenge: Day 9

~*Day 09 –  Something you’re proud of from the past few days.*~

Something just happened today that I can be proud of. So when I get cranky/irritated/pissed off – I take it out on Hurricane and that’s not always fair. I know it’s not the “adult” thing to do and it doesn’t really stop me from acting out. When I get this way, I have a tendency to take something insignificant and make it a really big deal. I did that today and then realized I was being a major bitch so I apologized. I’m proud that I apologized and explained why I was acting out. Plus, the turnaround time was pretty quick. We were texting and almost as soon as I sent the mean text, I turned around and sent the apology. I’m not proud of how I act when I don’t get my way or am in a bad mood. I am working on that though. Baby steps. =)


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