30 Days of Me: Day 8

~*~ Day 08 –  Short term goals for this month and why. ~*~

Soooo I’ve definitely not been doing this as regularly as I’d hoped. Alright so short term goals for the month? Well January is almost over. (Already?!!! >.<) I was participating in the No Spend January challenge a lot of fashion bloggers have been doing. Although I do have a blog, it’s by no means a fashion one so I didn’t want to “officially” join the challenge. I have been very good so far! I did kind of cheat over the weekend though. I was with Hurricane and saw this really nice purse for $5. Instead of me buying it, I asked her to buy it for me. It was a gift from her right?? Right?! o.O Yeah – probably not. I did use gift cards from Christmas but I do not count those as part of my earned money. During the first couple of weeks I kept forgetting I wasn’t supposed to spend money on clothes, etc. Target is my Achilles heel! Every time I enter I gravitate straight towards the clothes, particularly the clearance section first. One day I went into Target to get some cereal and before I knew it, I was halfway through a clearance rack before I remembered the challenge! Ooops… It’s not hard to refrain from spending the money as much as it’s hard to resist going into stores. I am on a budget so when I’m not making these promises to myself, I don’t spend very much anyways.

So I guess I should come up with a short-term goal for February? I dunno. I would like to start exercising yet I know how stubborn/lazy I can be and I may not do that. I can make it a goal to walk more during lunch. That’s been a goal of mine before though and I’ve not obtained that one. Hmmm…maybe to refrain as much as possible from negative thinking. I think that one would have better results at the moment. I’m such a self-conscious person and my self-esteem fluctuates dramatically based on someone else’s opinion of me. That’s unhealthy and I can’t rely on others for my happiness (or so I’m told). I have to learn to love myself for who I am, what I look like, what my body can do, etc. So yes – February is the month of love anyways so I’ll make it my month of self-love! ❤

Oh and I guess I’ll include an OOTD. I am surviving off 2 hours of sleep so I look less than jubilant in this pic. Nothing terribly fascinating about this outfit. The shirt is the only animal print I own. I have yet to buy more animal print because of that voice in my head “It looks great on others and you just can’t pull it off!” I need to silence that voice ASAP. And I feel like the outfit is missing that final…oomph! people talk about. Skinny belt? Better jewelry? I need bangles in my life! Going through my bracelets this morning was depressing. I don’t have enough! Not going to mention the jewelry details since they’re in the previous posts. The earrings are different – they were a gift from my lovely girlfriend. I believe she bought them at Macy’s.




Fit ‘Tailz

Cardigan: Target

Shirt: Marshall’s (or was it Ross????)

Jeans: Marshall’s

Boots: Forever 21+


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